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On this page we want to present drivers, garages and owner´s stories to you.

Take the chance to report about your automotive passion. Write your own story, show others your photos. 
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garage #1

In Garage #1 you will find a Miura, a 400GT, an Islero S and an Espada series 1.

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garage #2

Miura #3492 was delivered to Jacques Pollet, a more or less unknown 50ies Grand Prix driver. His owner has documented all restoration steps in a book which partially can be downloaded as PDF file. The pictures give a good impression of what it means to restore a Miura.

#3492 thumb2

garage #3

This garage presents actual photos from a LP400 in perfect condition.

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garage #4

Sometimes there are more in the barn ...

Garage 4 78

garage #5

or even a Miura S...

thumb 4693

Garage #6

dream garage...

Thumb Collection


Driving pleasure will be enhanced by stylish accessories as for example Heuer chronographs.

thumb Autavia Jo Siffert