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The Lamborghini enthusiasts group was founded in 1986 in Stuttgart. At first, only a small number of Lamborghini drivers met each other informally in order to swap experiences and, on occasion, to take part in joint outings.

With time, an active interest developed, because those involved liked the idea of the formal restraints of a club or association being left out. As membership fees and rules and regulations did not govern or hem the personal interests of these individuals each enthusiast was able to actively participate in the group the way he or she more-or-less wanted to.

On our download page you will come across original user manuals, spare parts catalogues or brochures from past years for different models. All the information and knowledge provided is for general and public use.

In the literature section we are hoping to develop an extensive archive of known titles (national and international).
Under the section for the latest information we will try to provide you with information in a timely manner on special occurrences, events and also restoration projects.

As the original parts for our beloved cars are becoming more rare by the minute, it is in some cases now only possible to build new parts based on the original musters. Generally the production of a small series leads to better reduced conditions and prices. That is why we publish information on supplementary productions -  which are known to us. If interested please feel free to contact us.

Assen 2006 rare dash clock 400GT
detail Miura